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The directors

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                      Fabrice Maze

Born in 1949, under the sign of Sagittarius, Fabrice Maze lives and works in Paris. After studying at the EFAP, he obtained a BA and graduated from the Training Centre for Journalists in 1973. He directed short surrealist-inspired films and was certified as a television producer in 1978. Then he shot his first documentary about the surrealist painter Yves Tanguy and until 1999 dedicated himself to his career as a television producer. Eclectic, he directed over 150 hours of programmes on scientific, literary, social and musical topics. He participated in many programmes on TF1, Antenne 2 and FR3, including Time X, Demandez la lune and Objectif Tintin. He also directed docudramas as well as cultural clips with Gonzague Saint Bris. In 1991, Canal+ commissioned a documentary from him on their headquarters at Quai André Citroën: Canal+ sur Seine. Since 1999, he has dedicated himself exclusively to writing and directing documentaries, focusing on three themes: the history of the automobile, spirituality and the history of art (including the history of Surrealism), which are developed and produced by Seven Doc.
In the collection Phares, he directed the films about : 
André Breton, Jacqueline Lamba, Robert Desnos, Yves Tanguy, Wifredo Lam, Marcel Duchamp, André Masson, Victor Brauner, Jacques Hérold, Claude Cahun, Kay Sage, Daniel Cordier and René Magritte (soon).


Rémy Ricordeau

After studying chinese in France, Rémy Ricordeau spent a few years between Taiwan and China. Back in France, he works as a guide and interpreter. In the beginning of 2000, he devotes himself to film direction. Concerned to take a social and political look on the world surrounding him, his films tackle themes as diverse as popular arts, social utopia, art brut or surrealism, through films like « Putain d'usine », « Les anges de la piste », « Bricoleurs de paradis » and « Je ne mange pas de ce pain-là - Benjamin Péret, poète c'est-à-dire révolutionnaire » with « Prenez garde à la peinture... Et à Francis Picabia » in the Collection Phares.


Barbro Schultz Lundestam

Swedish journalist and independent movie and documentary director, Barbro Schultz Lundestam is specialized in art and culture. After studying anthropology, philosophy, history of art and journalism, she became executive producer on Swedish radio and television in the 70's and 80's. She created innovative cultural programs and also participated in several radio broadcasts. In the mid 80's, she founds the publishing and production company Schultz Förlag AB in Stockholm and 10 years later, the SARL Schultz Forlag in Paris, dedicated to literature, poetry and art. Among her last publications, a book on the organization EAT (Experiments in Art and Technology). In 1989, Barbro meets Julie Martin whose husband Billy Klüver was engineer for Bell Telephone Laboratories. This is the beginning of her adventure on the series of 10 documentaries 9 Evenings which is now part of the Musée National d'Art Moderne/Centre Pompidou collection. Among her movies, a documentary about Pontus Hultén and the modern art museum in Stockholm Pontus et les Americains with Robert Rauschenberg, The stockholm storyabout the artist Jim Dine, I am no longer Pinocchio about Robert Whitman work-performance "Flowers" and lately, two outstanding documentaries on Wifredo Lam: Wifredo et les poètes and Poussière d'atomes included in the DVD Wifredo Lam in our Lighthouses Anthology.

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Tufic .jpg

Tufic Makhlouf Akl


Born in Mexico City in 1954, Tufic Makhlouf Akl studied industrial design in the Universidad Iberoamericana, philosophy in the "Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico" and cinema in the CCC Mexico. His work was shown in more than 30 exhibitions and festivals worldwide, especially in 6 editions of the International Film Festival of Morelia (FICM). He was among others in the selection for the 29th International Art Film Festival of Montreal (FIFA), with his documentary Through A(lan) Glass (2006). Winner of the Best Director prize and best editing at the 9th Cristal Screen Festival in Mexico. His work focuses on fiction, documentaries and theatre.

Frédéric Le Clair


A lover of contemporary art from the early 1970s, Frédéric Le Clair, after studying cinema at the École Nationale Louis Lumière, co-created in 1982 “Films Constance” with the aim of producing films on contemporary art, for which he produced : Robert Combas, Richard Serra and Jean-Luc Vilmouth. A long time cameraman on television (Canal +, France 2, France 3, Arte, etc.), he has been a director since 1992; he has signed - in addition to studio broadcasts, live classical music, concerts, games and even sports - many subjects on creation, cinema and documentaries. He also built up a collection of paintings defending abstraction, from the 70s, furniture from the 50s as well as fixtures by Gino Sarfatti and ceramics by Martine Damas.


          Julien and Dominique Ferrandou
Réalisateurs des films de la collection Phares consacrés à : Yves Elléouët, Leonora Carrington, Alice Rahon, Dorothea Tanning, Toyen et Dora Maar.

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