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What's new in the Collection Phares in 2023 ? 

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Museo della ceramica di Savona

MuDA Albissola Marina

Savone & Albissola (Italie)
Wilfredo Lam


On the occasion of the exhibition dedicated to Wilfredo Lam at the Savona Ceramics Museum and the MuDA exhibition center in Albissola Marina, Italy, an extract from Barbro Schultz Lundestam's film "Wilfredo Lam poussière d'atomes" will be shown continuously at the MuDA exhibition center.

Called "Wilfredo Lam and the Magicians of the Sea", the exhibition opened on June 2 and will be on view until September 10, 2023. Through four themes, "Totems", "Animals", "Metamorphoses" and "Signs", the exhibition looks back at the important impact of Wilfredo Lam and the many artists who frequented the town of Albissola Marina after the Second World War, making it an important meeting place for many artistic personalities and around themes such as "totemism, metamorphosis, the mysterious and generating force of myths and supernatural spirits".

Further information on the exhibition on the Savona Ceramics Museum website.

Wilfredo Lam DVDs will also be available for purchase there.
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Halle Für Kunst Steiermark
Graz (Autriche)

Wolfgang Paalen


As part of the "Fantastic Surrealists" exhibition currently on show at the Halle Für Kunst Steiermark in Graz until September 10, the film "Wolfgang Paalen les cristaux de l'esprit" directed by Tufic Makhlouf Akl will be screened on July 6, 2023 at 6 pm.

"Fantastic Realism", or more precisely the Vienna School of Fantastic Surrealism, has had a major influence on contemporary art, and is "probably the best-known genuinely Austrian contribution to the international art scene in recent decades".

The exhibition questions the place of the fantastic in the real or the surreal, highlighting Austrian artists who have left their mark on contemporary art. A parallel can then be drawn with Wolfgang Paalen, a surrealist poet, painter and philosopher from Vienna, linking international surrealism with Austria.

The film screening will be accompanied by a presentation by Christian Kloyber, scholar and expert on the artist, and author of the booklet on the Wolfgang Paalen box set.

Cinémathèque française
Paris (75
Claude Cahun

André Breton

To coincide with the "Feminine Surrealism?" exhibition at the Musée de Montmartre, Fabrice Maze's films "André Breton" and "Claude Cahun" will be screened at the Cinémathèque française, in the presence of the director and exhibition curator Dominique Païni.

The screening will take place on June 22 at the Salle Jean Epstein.

Join us at 6:30pm for the André Breton triptych "L'oeil à l'état sauvage", "André Breton Malgré Tout" and "Hôtel Drouot le 31 mars 2003", and at 8:30pm for "Claude Cahun : Elle et Suzanne".

Further information: and

The films are already available on DVD / VOD from

Cinématogaphe de Nantes
Nantes (44
Jacques Vaché


Jacques Vaché, a mythical figure at the origin of Surrealism, frequented the Cinématographe de Nantes on numerous occasions with his friend André Breton.
In this honor, on June 20 at 8pm, the Cinématographe will host Rémy Ricordeau's latest film, "
On the life of Jacques Vaché through a very short period of time".

The latest title in the Phares Collection, this new documentary portrait looks back at Vaché's letters, not only to his friends André Breton and Théodore Fraenkel, but also to his wartime godmother Jeanne Derrien and his parents, to the rhythm of his often little-known drawings.

The screening will take place in the presence of director Rémy Ricordeau.

Further information:
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Péniche La Balle au Bond
Paris (75
Robert Desnos


On Monday, May 22 at 8:30 pm, come aboard the barge La Balle au Bond to attend one of the monthly meetings of the association Le Mot dans tous ses Arts. Hélène Tirole, Marie-Claire Dumas and Fabrice Maze will present Fabrice Maze's film Robert Desnos Inédits during an evening screening-debate.

The ideal opportunity to dive back into the history of a poet, journalist, art critic, painter and draughtsman, as well as a resistant.
The Robert Desnos DVDs will be available for sale!

Reservation required from Hélène Tirole : 07 69 28 33 54 /

The film is also available, in DVD and VOD format, on the website

Musée Soulages
Rodez (12)

Claude Cahun


The Soulages Museum offers, on Wednesday May 17th, a screening of Fabrice Maze's film "Claude Cahun: Elle et Suzanne" as part of the national day against homophobia.

Come to Rodez, to the museum dedicated to Pierre Soulages and to contemporary art to (re)discover this film, and with it the unforgettable figure and photographic work of Claude Cahun, independent artist, emancipated, non-militant homosexual, "wandering writer", versatile artist, revolutionary, individualist, atypical surrealist, in a word unclassifiable.

The film is available on VOD and DVD !

More information and reservation on the museum website.
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visuel coffret Cahun.jpg

Maison Max Ernst
Huismes (37
Jacques Vaché


On the occasion of the European Night of Museums, the "Maison Max Ernst et Dorothea Tanning" proposes this Saturday, May 13 at 7 pm the screening of the latest film by Rémy Ricordeau "On the life of Jacques Vaché through a very short period of time".

Mythical ancestor of surrealism, artist without artwork, who was Jacques Vaché, a young rebel from Nantes who left for the war and disappeared in 1919, aged barely 24 ?

Click for more information on the screening and the program of the Max Ernst House.

Discover the film on VOD or in a booklet + DVD box set on
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weinstein gallery.png

Weinstein Gallery
San Francisco (USA)

Jacqueline Lamba


As part of the retrospective dedicated to Jacqueline Lamba, from March 11th to April 22th, the Weinstein Gallery in San Francisco is offering a public screening of Fabrice Maze's film "Jacqueline Lamba" on Tuesday April 18th at 6pm.

This exhibition marks the 30th anniversary of the gallery. The year 2023 marks the 30th anniversary of the death of Jacqueline Lamba, who died on July 20th, 1993.

The film is available on DVD and VOD from the Lighthouse Collection website.

Discover the Weinstein Gallery:

Screenshot_2023-03-06 débats - Quilombo Boutique-Librairie.png

Paris (75)
Jacques Vaché

Director Rémy Ricordeau will present his film "On Jacques Vaché through a bery short period of time" at the CICP (Cetnre International de Culture Populaire) on Tuesday, April 11 at 8pm. Organized by the Quilombo Bookstore, DVD+Book sets "Jacque Vaché" will be available for sale after the screening.

If you are unable to attend, you
can buy the DVD or rent the movie on the VOD platform through

CICP : 21 ter rue Voltaire, Paris XIe
More nformations : Librairie Quilombo, 23 rue Voltaire 75011 Paris / 01 43 71 21 07

The Bank - Museum of Cultures and the Landscape of Hyères

Hyères (83)
Hold Up ! Jean Claude Silbermann


Jean-Claude Silbermann holds up the Bank !

From March 25th to June 4th, 2023, The Bank -
Museum of Cultures and the Landscape of Hyères is devoting an exhibition to Jean-Claude Silbermann. Entitled "Hold-Up!", it is conceived as an armed break-in in a public place. The metaphor is transparent: the armed hand is that of the artist with his art whose aim is to shake, even "break" the established conventions to awaken the visitor and transport him to a reality outside the preconceived ideas.

Between excerpts of poetry, wooden montages and ink or pencil drawings, you can also see excerpts from Jean-Claude Silbermann's film: "Mais qui a salé la salade de céleri?", available in DVD+Book box set and on VOD on

More information about the exhibition on the Museum's facebook page:


Museo delle culture
Milan (ITA)

Dalí, Magritte, Man Ray and surrealism

From March 22 to July 30, 2023, the MUDEC (Museo delle culture) in Milan will present a major exhibition dedicated to Surrealism. 180 works from the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum, one of the most important museums in the Netherlands, will be on display, in relation to the masterpieces of the MUDEC's permanent collection. "Dalí, Magritte, Man Ray and Surrealism" will allow the viewer to explore the complex and profound relationship between Surrealism and non-Western cultures.

It will also be an opportunity to rediscover the fundamental themes of surrealism, from the dreamlike to the psychological, from carnal desire to love. Six different sections will be dedicated to the multiple aspect of surrealist works in all the variety of their representations; each of them introduced by a key sculpture and a quote bringing back to the very origins of surrealism.

It is within this rich framework that excerpts from Fabrice Maze's film "L'œil à l'état sauvage, l'atelier d'André Breton" will be shown. These previously unseen images come from the filming carried out just before the dispersal of André Breton's famous collection, with the aim of immortalizing a space from the past, the memory of the author of the "Manifesto of Surrealism", a founding text published in 1924 whose centenary we will celebrate next year.

More information on the exhibition at:


New !
Now available on DVD+Booklet and on VOD

 Jacques Vaché joins the Collection Phares, with the film "On the life of Jacques Vaché passing through a very short period of time" directed by Rémy Ricordeau. 

Who was Jacques Vaché ? Like a meteor in the firmament of logical revolts, a poet and artist without a masterpiece but no little destiny, Jacques Vaché indelibly left his mark on the invention of the modern spirit. In his "War letters" he initiates the founder of Surrealism in another, more substantial, way of conceiving of the world and invites him, in the spirit of Umour (without the "h"), to reshape life poetically. Amongst epistolary evocations of the daily life of the war and flashes of poetic brilliance sent from the front to various correspondents, the film endeavours to reconstitute the biographical and intellectual journey of the man who would become the mythical incarnation of the spirit of "desertion" at the origin of Dadaism and Surrealism - from his rebellious adolescence in Nantes to his tragic and controversial demise in the same city in 1919.

Visuel Vaché def.jpg

Hommage à Alan Glass

The artist Alan Glass died on January 16, 2023 at the age of 90.

Engraver, watercolorist, painter, his work is composed of boxes "art object", associations of objects found in flea markets, flea markets, at the whim of life. He created from unique and spontaneous triggers faithful to the objective hazards dear to André Breton.

Born in Montreal in 1932, he arrived in Paris in 1952 after studying Fine Arts in Montreal (Quebec). He met André Breton in 1957 who helped him organize an exhibition at the "Terrain Vague" with Benjamin Péret in 1958. But it was in Mexico that he spent most of his life, surrounded by other artists and friends, including Leonora Carrington, Alejandro Jodorowski and Bridget Tichenor. His adopted country will offer him in 2017 the Medal of Fine Arts of the Ministry of Culture of Mexico.

Exhibited in many countries (Canada, France, Germany, United States ...), a major retrospective, "Zurcidos Invisibles" was held in 2008 at the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City.


New !
Now available on VOD

18 movies of the Lighthouses Collection are now available on a brand new VOD platform ! Choose between the movies, the extras, or the whole boxsets, from 4€90 to 13€.

Access the platfrorm, choose your movie, ; you have 30 days to start watching it, eand 30 days to finish it, watch it, and watch it again and again !

Screenshot_2022-03-07 Venir au Centre Pompidou Infos pratiques.png

Centre Pompidou
Paris (75)
Projection review
"Kay Sage,

the china egg princess"


A lot of people have gathered, on Thurday 15th of December, for the screening of the movie directed by Fabrice Maze, dedicated to the american surrealist Kay Sage.

After the screening,
the public was able to discuss around a cocktail organized by La Manaa, loyal caterer of the Lighthouses Collection.

The movie is available to buy on DVD, but also since very recently to rent on VOD

visuel KAY SAGE.jpg
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