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What's new in the Collection Phares in 2023 ? 

New !
Now available on DVD+Booklet and on VOD

 Jacques Vaché joins the Collection Phares, with the film "On the life of Jacques Vaché passing through a very short period of time" directed by Rémy Ricordeau. 

Who was Jacques Vaché ? Like a meteor in the firmament of logical revolts, a poet and artist without a masterpiece but no little destiny, Jacques Vaché indelibly left his mark on the invention of the modern spirit. In his "War letters" he initiates the founder of Surrealism in another, more substantial, way of conceiving of the world and invites him, in the spirit of Umour (without the "h"), to reshape life poetically. Amongst epistolary evocations of the daily life of the war and flashes of poetic brilliance sent from the front to various correspondents, the film endeavours to reconstitute the biographical and intellectual journey of the man who would become the mythical incarnation of the spirit of "desertion" at the origin of Dadaism and Surrealism - from his rebellious adolescence in Nantes to his tragic and controversial demise in the same city in 1919.

Visuel Vaché def.jpg

Hommage to Alan Glass

The artist Alan Glass passed away on January 16, 2023 at the age of 90.

Engraver, watercolourist, painter, his work consists of "art object" boxes, associations of objects unearthed in flea markets, flea markets, according to life. He created from unique and spontaneous triggers faithful to the objective chances dear to André Breton.

Born in Montreal in 1932, he arrived in Paris in 1952 after studying Fine Arts in Montreal (Quebec). He met André Breton in 1957 who helped him to organize with Benjamin Péret, an exhibition at the "Terrain Vague" in 1958. But it was in Mexico that he would spend most of his life, surrounded by other artists and friends including Leonora Carrington, Alejandro Jodorowski and Bridget Tichenor. His country of adoption would offer him in 2017 the Medal of Fine Arts from the Ministry of Culture of Mexico.

Exhibited in many countries (Canada, France, Germany, United States...), a major retrospective, "Zurcidos Invisibles" took place in 2008 at the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City.


Nouveauté !
Maintenant disponible en VOD

18 films de la Collection Phares sont désormais disponibles sur une toute nouvelle plateforme VOD ! Accédez au choix aux films, aux suppléments ou au coffret complet, de 4€90 à 13€.

Rendez vous sur la plateforme, choisissez votre film ; vous avez 3
0 jours pour commencer à la regarder, et 30 jours pour le finir, le voir et le revoir !

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Centre Pompidou
Paris (75)
Retour sur projection
"Kay Sage, la princesse aux oeufs chinois"


Nombreux sont ceux qui se sont réunis le jeudi 15 décembre dernier pour la projection du film de Fabrice Maze consacré à la surréaliste américaine Kay Sage.

Après la projection, le p
ublic a comme d'habitude pu discuter autours d'un cocktail préparé par La Manaa, fidèle traiteur de la Collection Phares.

Le film est disponible à l'achat en DVD, mais aussi depuis tout récemment à la location VOD !

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